Ancient and Modern

Two events in June 2006 catered for opposite ends of the age spectrum at St Faith's and St Mary's.

The first United Benefice Over 65s Holiday Club  provided a week of entertainment for those who qualified, while the annual joint Sunday Schools' party was, as usual, laid on for our children.  Below you can read two articles written for our magazine Newslink about the 'Ancient' bit, and see some of the photos taken by Joan Tudhope and Fr Neil.

THIS LINK for the 'Modern' page, and read how, despite a damp start and a leaking Bouncy Castle, the traditional Good Time was Had by All.

Joyce Jones (from St Mary’s Church) explains what went on at the over-65s week - and how much everyone enjoyed it...

The week commencing 19th June, 2006, was a really enjoyable experience for those of us who took part in the United Benefice Holiday Club, based in St Mary’s Church Hall, and open to anyone in the over-65 age group.

The whole project was an enormous success, and the happy atmosphere was wonderful throughout the well-planned week: as a group we ‘gelled’ from the start – we were all friends within the first hour!

The programme so carefully prepared covered yoga and relaxation exercises, a hairdressing display by professional stylists, two films (‘Hobson’s Choice’ and ‘The Sound of Music’ – plus sing-along!), a line dancing lesson, a half-day coach trip top breezy Blackpool (including a delicious lunch of fish and chips and mushy peas) and then t the Tower where we were able to visit the Aquarium and the magnificent Ballroom. The final afternoon culminated in an enjoyable organ recital given by Fr Neil, followed by a sumptuous cream tea served by Jeeves (alias Peter Connolly) resplendent in ‘tails’ and white gloves.

Sincere thanks to Lynne Connolly and Joan Tudhope for all their time, though, organisation and hard work put into this project, and of course to Neil and Peter, and to everyone who helped in any way to ensure the success of this event. We look forward to having the Holiday Club again next year!

Ron Rankin from St Faith's gives his perspective on the week...


It all started several weeks ago with a notice on the Sunday Service Sheet - OVER 65's HOLIDAY CLUB starting week/comm. 19th June, see Joan Tudhope. Laura and I, together with Peggy Mattison, immediately put our names down for this week, whatever surprises it may have in store. We soon became aware of a reticence from some people of both congregations to put their names forward, "because we cannot find out what is going to happen", seemed to give them problems. Well, what did happen, what were the surprises in store, what daunting tasks awaited us?

Full of curiosity we arrived at St. Mary's Hall on the appointed day, at the specified time, and were given nothing more strenuous than a cup of tea, a funny looking badge with our name on, and a not too serious quiz paper. There was much talking and laughing over the next two hours, which took us up to lunchtime. After lunch we had a demonstration of Yoga, not the figure-contorting exercises, but breathing correctly and relaxation methods. The relaxation method worked a treat, yours truly went fast asleep.

On Tuesday morning there was a hairdressing demonstration, which I missed, so I cannot pass any comment except to say that it was very popular with the ladies. In the afternoon we went by coach to the Candle Factory near Chester. Father Neil was with us, but I wouldn't dare ask him what he bought.

Wednesday morning we watched an old film 'Hobson’s Choice', starring if that is the right word, Charles Laughton, John Mills, and among others Prunella Scales. John Mills looked young but Prunella Scales looked about sixteen. Gives you some idea of the age of the film. Ice-cream cornets were served in the interval. In the afternoon we had Line Dancing, an activity none of us had previously tried. We were first shown a few steps then most of us tried it, with varying degrees of success I might add

Thursday, and another coach trip, this time to Blackpool. We left at 10.00 a.m., and arrived about 11.00 am, which meant we were rather early for our pre-booked Fish and Chip lunch, but we survived. Arriving for lunch we found ourselves at a very pleasant restaurant away from the sea front, it was called the "Cottage". The quality of the food was excellent and the quantity as much as anyone could want.After lunch it was back on the coach and taken to be dropped off outside the Tower. Most people went into the Tower but a few hardy, or foolhardy take your pick, went for a walk on a very breezy sea front. Lillie went one way and Alan, Laura and I went the other until Alan left us for a nostalgic walk to find a boarding-house once owned by an aunt of his.

Friday, the last day, probably to the relief of Joan & Lynne, and their helpers. After the obligatory cup of tea and biscuits we settled down to watch ‘The Sound of Music’. This was a little different as the words of the songs appeared on the screen so everyone could join in. A little like a mass Karaoke. Lunch today was kept small as we were all looking forward to our Cream Tea. When it came, our tea was served by our very own Jeeves, complete with tail-coat, pin-stripe trousers and white gloves. Pity about the trainers, Peter.

From all who enjoyed this week - thank-you Joan, Lynne and your many helpers. We appreciate how hard you worked and sincerely hope you have the courage to do it again next year.

Our thanks also go to those people who helped by subsidising the week's activities. We are intelligent enough to realise that what we paid did not cover all expenses. I do not know names but I know you are there.  Thankyou.

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