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The High Altar

The reredos, the ornamental screen behind the High Altar, is the work of Salviati of Venice and was given to the church by its founder Douglas Horsfall: it was dedicated on All Saints` Day 1901.This fine piece of work consists of inlaid mosaic and surrounding paintings; the central mosaic panel features Christ`s crucifixion with figures of the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We are trying to establish more details about the manufacture and installation of the reredos, and would welcome any information.
If you look closely at this fine piece of work, two curious features become clear. The faces of the angels on the wings of the reredos seem to be identical (and possibly a set of transfers rather than paintings) - but two of them are facing the wrong way. The bottom left angel is facing outwards rather than, like the rest, inwards, and there is a corresponding anomaly on the right hand panel (not shown). Close examination of the actual figures, and in particular their backgrounds, show that they were certainly individually painted: the 'ihs' monogram (iesu hominem salvator: Jesus, saviour of the world) above the head of the angel shown here - from the right hand panel - lacks the letter 'i'. Careless work by a pupil perhaps? It is possible that the original colour of the background paint was not the current blue, but 'Bodley green'.
There are seven Chancel Lamps located in front of the High Altar.
It is believed that they were intended for the church of St Agnes, Ullet Road, an earlier foundation by our generous benefactor, Douglas Horsfall, but that he brought them here after falling out with the clergy there!
In this view, taken from the organ loft, you can see the cased banner of St Faith on the sanctuary wall, and to its right, behind one of the lamps, the newer processional banner.

There are six candlesticks on the upper altar shelf, and four on the lower shelf.