Every year, on the night of All Souls Day, the people of Saint Faith's invite the families and friends of those known to them who have died during the past year, to join with them at a Solemn Mass by candlelight. For this moving service, the church is filled with lighted candles, and the names of those who have passed away are read out.

Our pictures show something of the atmosphere at the 2005 All Souls service. The first and last below are images from the 2004 service: the 2005 pictures feature the atmospheric new sanctuary lighting effects, the High Altar glimpsed through the rails of the north choir transept, the choir singing the Russian Contakion for the Departed at the back of church, and the unlit reredos above the Nave Altar after the service. 

Follow this link for a page featuring highlights from the service, including the sermon and the prayers used for the occasion.

Pictures: Chris Price

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