For several years now, the main service at St Faith's on Advent Sunday, at the start of the church's countdown to Christmas,

has featured extra contributions from our children, as well as the offering of toys by those present, to be distributed,
through Sefton Choices, to needy children in our area.

This year's colourful and well-attended service saw members of our uniformed organisations in starring roles as they read lessons and prayers, and
invited those present to bring up seasonal symbols of faith and prayer to adorn a tree, and then the toys they had brought to be placed before the Nav Altar

Our pictures show various stages in the service, beginning with the lighting of the first candle on the traditional Advent Wreath
and ending with the bringing up of the bread and wine at the beginning of the Eucharistic prayer.

The final image suggests that perhaps not everyone was entirely engrossed by the proceedings.
Incidentally, the teddy's name has been checked for blasphemous potential and declared to be inoffensive...


Pictures: Chris Price

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