The 2016 Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's
Everything Coming Together!

On Advent Sunday, November 27th, 2016, everyone made up for lost time.

 The Christmas trees arrived and were put in place before the Advent Toy Service. The ever-willing young folk of our uniformed organisations,
having had a sleepover in the Hall, were there to receive them before they took part in the morning worship, reading and leading our intercessions. 

There was a surprise for Akela Mike Carr as his co-leaders and young folk marked 25 years of his services to the cause of Scouting
with richly-deserved presentations and accolades. He was (almost!) lost for words.

At the end of the service, young and old brought toys to the altar as in many previous years for distribution to local children in need.
Earlier, we had written brief prayers to be hung on the prayer tree: our final picture shows Revd Denise, the prayers and the presents.
The service over, sponsors  hurried in to bedeck their chosen trees with lights, and seasonal decorations and information about their charities.
During a busy afternoon, the Indigo Vibe Singers provided musical entertainment and by the time the first open session ended,
you would never have guessed there had been any problems...



'Wot - no trees?' - waiting for Birnam Wood to come to Crosby