The Walsingham Appeal 2006

(This archived page records and links to details of the 2006 Walsingham Appeal and to the concert held at St Faith's to raise money for the Appeal)

Chief Patron:

The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Lord Bishop of Norwich
The Lord Hope of Thornes
The Baroness Wilcox of Plymouth

Voted the nation's favourite spiritual place in a BBC poll in 2003, each year more and more people from a whole range of backgrounds seek and find God in this unique place. Increasingly the Shrine welcomes not only regular pilgrims, but also thousands of tourists and school groups. This is why the Guardians of the Shrine  decided in 2005 to move ahead with the second stage of the development plan that began with the new Pilgrim Refectory, which was completed in 2001.

The project will provide for a fixed display where tourists, visitors and school groups can learn about Walsingham and prepare themselves for their visit to the Shrine Church. It will also beautify the entrances to the Shrine. As well as creating a new approach through the colonnade, the Appeal will enable the rebuilding of the piazza in front of the Shrine Church to nake it accessible to people with disabilites.

St Faith's has been associated with the Shrine for some years, and Fr Neil Kelley has led several groups there on pilgrimage.

Follow THIS LINK to access pages describing our links with Walsingham and reports and pictures of some of these visits, as well as a link to the Shrine's own website.

As our contribution to the Appeal, a Gala Concert will be held at St Faith's on Saturday, 20th May. The concert will feature several distinguished soloists as well as local groups and choirs from several North Western Anglican Dioceses, and the Guest of Honour will be Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.

Follow THIS LINK for details of this prestigious event and to find how to buy tickets.

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