'There and Back Again'

Reporting from the second 2006 Waterloo expedition

In the first week of December, Fred and Linda Nye were part of a small group of members and friends of the Waterloo Partnership who paid a flying visit to Sierra Leone in general and Waterloo in particular. On this page and the next, we reproduce some of Fred's pictures and captions of what was by all accounts a moving and memorable visit. These will be followed soon by an account of some of the highlights of the expedition.

Our lead picture speaks for itself - especially to those who 'sent a hen' to Sierra Leone in the highly successful Waterloo Partnership Christmas present scheme.... and at least some children without uniforms will now be able to go to school.

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Senior Primary School teachers who will be hosts to the 11 Sefton teachers
    visiting Sierra Leone next month

   These fortunate children go to school because their parents can afford uniforms

Pensioners waiting for their benefits. Only Government employees receive a pension

                  Guest accommodation at the Adventist clinic

War damaged house in Waterloo. The stand-pipes often dry up

  This young girl can't go to school as she has no uniform

      Posters in the Community Health Clinic

However poor their families, Waterloo schoolchildren always look smart

         One of 500 displaced persons farming only 100 acres

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