'There and Back Again... again'
The second batch of photos from the camera of Fred Nye,
showing scenes in the fields and workshops - and a 'hen party' at the end!

The WAYADO project. Subsistence farmers using tools donated by the Waterloo Partnership.
They need to increase and improve their chicken flock

Irrigation is all done by hand

Half of the 500 WAYADO farmers are women: most are widows

This stream provides drinking water for 3000 people and is also used to irrigate the WAYADO plots

The Handicapped Association's blacksmith's workshop. Most of the workers are disabled by polio

Everyone wanted to be in the picture!

Even at this age full-time work is a prt of life for many children -
there is no money to send her to school

The chair of the Handicapped Association and his son

'Regent Road' is a dirt track in the mountains near Waterloo

The remains of Hastings railway station, down the road from Waterloo.
A narrow-gauge line ran from Freetown to Waterloo

Another handicapped blacksmith at work

Veronica from the Youth Council, with helpers, thanking us for our Christmas 'gift of a hen'!

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