'The Last Night of the Proms'

On the evening of Saturday, September 24th, 2005, the third annual extravaganza under this title took place in Saint Mary's Church, Waterloo.

As usual, the church was bedecked with flags and bunting, and the audience were encouraged to bring along, and to use, flags, banners, whistles and their loudest voices.

The  traditional soloists: United  Benefice organist Ged Callacher and vicar, Fr Neil Kelley, performed on the organ, and were joined by trumpeter Dominic Starkey.  They performed a wide variety of music ancient and modern, quiet and not so quiet - and in the second half the music grew ever more patriotic and the flag-waving and singing ever more fervent. This may have had something to do with the fact that during the interval, champagne had been served to all, but the atmosphere surely owed even more to the music and the talented performers.

After several renderings of 'Land of Hope and Glory', all agreed that a Jolly Good Time had been Had by All  - and that they were already looking forward to an other outburst of licensed jingoism next autumn.

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