The United Benefice of Saint Faith, Great Crosby
and Saint Mary the Virgin, Waterloo Park



As Christians we have a particular responsibility to respect children and young people as individuals, to protect their vulnerability and nurture them.

They mnust never be betrayed by those who work within the Church community.

This Church therefore commits itself to providing a safe and supportive environment for all its work with children and young people.

In emergency contact:
Lynne Connolly (St Mary's) 928 6334
Linday Nye (St Faith's) 924 2813
Fr Neil Kelley (928 3341/07980 872203)

August 2005

Heavenly Father,
in baptism you make us your sons and daughters.
Bless us in our work
as we seek to love and serve our brothers and sisters.
Grant us understanding and patience;
Help us to listen and to care,
and help us to have a proper respect
for people of all ages and backgrounds,
for you have created each one of us in your own image.
We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Some Reminders of Good Practice

DO   follow guidelines.

Have you read and understood the Parish policy? Keep this information for easy reference.

DO    plan, to avoid unsupervised access to under 18’s.

Always have more than one adult present during activities. Don’t be on your own with children, e.g. in the vestry, in a car, in Sunday School.

DO   check staffing levels and mix.

Close family members can work together, but should have a third person with them. Under 18’s do not count as adult helpers, but 16-plus helpers should be CRB checked.

DO   check that your activity is insured.

Check with the Treasurer that the church insurance policy covers it, e.g. trip to the beach.

DO    check fire procedures.

Do you know where the fire extinguishers are? And the escape routes? Do the children handle candles?

DO    be aware of location of First Aid box and nearest phone.

It is always helpful to have a mobile phone with you. Has anyone in your team done a First Aid course? 

Keep a record of any accident or injury and treatment given. Work in the presence of another adult.

  obtain written parental consent.

e.g. for extra activities such as outings.

DO    keep a record of attendance and retain.

Registers should be kept indefinitely in a safe and secure place e.g. the parish office.

   be aware of what you need to do if you suspect a child may be experiencing abuse.

Inform Lynne Connolly / Linda Nye or Father Neil immediately.


DO  make sure children are collected by an expected adult.

Make sure you have contact phone number on the registration document so you can call parents if no one turns up.

DO NOT take children home alone –

except in emergency; then phone/explain the circumstances to parents as soon as possible.  Always put children in the rear seat.

DO NOT allow photographs to be taken without written consent.

Faces should not be identified by name.



The organiser of the performance must ensure that:



Chaperones must be:



DO adhere to the advice detailed in your church’s child protection policy and procedures.

DO   regularly review your work with others.

DO   treat everyone with respect and

DO   be sensitive to others.

DO   respect a young person’s right to personal dignity and privacy at all times.

DO  provide access for young people and adults to feel comfortable enough to point out attitudes or behaviour they do not like, and try to provide a caring atmosphere.

DO   challenge unacceptable behaviour.

DO   plan activities so that they involve more than one person or at least are in sight or hearing of others.

DO   provide an example you wish others to follow and act as an appropriate role model.

DO remember that someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well-intentioned.

DO NOT   exaggerate or trivialise child abuse issues.

DO NOT   show favouritism to any individual.

DO NOT   play physical contact games, make inappropriate/sexual comments, or have inappropriate phone-calls, texts, e-mails or verbal banter with young people.

DO NOT   make suggestive remarks/gestures or tell sexist/racist “jokes” in front of children.

DO NOT   permit abusive youth/peer activities (e.g. bullying, ridiculing).

DO NOT   jump to conclusions without checking facts.

DO NOT   rely on your good name to protect you. It may not be enough.

DO NOT   believe it could not happen to you. It could.