'Show a leg there, ladies!'
l to r Ethel Greeen, RIP, Kath Broadbent, RIP,  Joan Chaddock, RIP, Laura Rankin, RIP, Peggy Mattison, Anne Vincent, RIP, Muriel Rouen, RIP, Doreen Plevin

The '84 Group at Rydal
..or When We Were Very Young!

For many years, there were women's groups at St Faith's.
  In the beginning were the Horsfall Ladies. With the passage of time, they were reborn as the '84 Group.
Joyce Green kept a scrapbook of photos taken on the latter's annual expeditions to Rydal Hall in the Lake District,
and the pictures above and below show the ladies posing, showing a leg or two, eating, drinking, chatting
and enjoying assorted outdoor activities in the years from 1985 to 1989. Those were the days....

Scroll down to the bottom to redress the gender balance.  

Front l-r Joyce Green, Angie Price, Irene Taylor, Laura Rankin, RIP, AnneVincent, RIP
Back l-r Jenny Raynor, Muriel Rouen, RIP, Elsie Bell, RIP, Peggy Mattison, Kath Broadbent, RIP, Ethel Green, RIP

l to r Irene Taylor, Angie Price and Jenny Raynor
above: Irene Taylor and Angie Price
below: Muriel Rouen RIP, Elsie Bell RIP, Anne Vincent RIP

l to r  Angie Price, Kath Broadbent RIP , Joyce Green, Jenny Raynor, Elsie Bell RIP, Muriel Rouen RIP, Peggy Mattison (above) and Anne Vincent, RIP   

l to r Kath Broadbent RIP, Audrey Dawson, Angie Price, Irene Taylor, Ethel Green RIP, Muriel Rouen RIP, Elsie Bell RIP

l to r above Ethel Green RIP, Joyce Green, Joan Tudhope, Kath Broadbent RIP, Jenny Raynor, Elsie Bell RIP, Audrey Dwason and Angie Price (above)
l to r below: Anne Vincent RIP, Laura Rankin RIP, Peggy Mattison, Irene Taylor

The usual suspects at the table

The usual suspects relaxing

Irene Taylor, Joan Tudhope, Angie Price and Audrey Dawson out and about


No, they didn't bring their menfolk along... also in 1984, a handful of youthful men
are seen on a Men's Group expedition, nowhere near Rydal Hall!

l to r: John Stone, RIP, Doug Taylor RIP, Fr Peter Goodrich, Michael Holland, Fr Richard Capper, Fr Bert Galloway

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