65 and Over!

The final words and pictures from the Over-65 Holiday Club week

The diaries on this and the preceding two pages tell the story of the various happenings of the week,
and how much the work of the organisers was appreciated,
while the photos bear ample witness to the enjoyment of all who took part.

The final daily diary...

Friday, 18th June

Today we were treated to an incredible display of magic by John Harding, a profession magician.  His dexterity and
sleight of hand with playing cards had everyone mesmerized, and when he suddenly produced a large bowling ball from
nowhere there were gasps of amazement from everyone.  The he introduced us to a charming puppet – Rocky the Racoon –
who delighted us all with his antics.  The performance ended with a display of fire-eating, which had a few people covering their eyes!
It was a truly memorable performance which none of us will forget.

In the afternoon we started with an hilarious game of “pass the parcel”.  This was followed by a delicious afternoon tea
of assorted sandwiches and scones topped with cream and strawberries.  After singing “Happy Birthday” to Christina McDougall,
we shared her birthday cake and the afternoon ended with votes of thanks and presentations to Joan Tudhope and Lynne and
Peter Connolly, who had worked so hard to make the week so successful.

Doris Williams

Photos by the Tudhopes

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